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The technology learning area is organised around two strands:

  1. Technology as a human endeavour - in this strand students learn that technology is a part of our everyday lives and influences and impacts on people, their community and environments.
  2. Information, materials and systems – this strand focuses on resources and how they are used to make products for particular purposes and situations and the characteristics of resources and the way they are matched with tools and techniques to make products.

The goals of the Rangeville State School technology program are to produce students who:

  • understand that technology is used by humans to meet needs and wants.
  • draw together knowledge from a range of areas (including mathematics, science, history and the arts) to design and develop creative solutions
  • use imagination, critical and complex reasoning, intuition and lateral thinking as they work technologically
  • use a variety of methods to communicate design ideas effectively
  • measure and calculate accurately
  • work individually and collaboratively on a variety of design challenges with confidence
  • negotiate with others and co-operate as they work towards common goals and share equipment and resources
  • critically evaluate and reflect on their ideas.

The technology process involves:

  • designing and devising plans and proposals.
  • investigating needs, issues and possible impacts and values
  • producing, building or making products and systems
  • evaluating or appraising designs, plans, products and consequences.