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Studies Of Society and Environments


The Studies of Society and Environments (SOSE) learning area centres on the way people interact with each other and with environments.

The concepts covered in this learning area are drawn from a range of disciplines including history, geography, civics and citizenship and economics.

The SOSE strands are:

  • Time, Continuity and Change  - this strand emphasises the use of evidence to create understandings of changes and continuities in history from ancient to modern times.
  • Place and Space – this strand emphasises understandings of natural processes within environments, human-environment interactions, spatial patterns of places and the human significance of place.
  • Culture and Identity –this strand emphasises understandings of cultural diversity and change and a sense of belonging through membership of multiple groups.

  • Systems, Resources and Power – this strand emphasises the processes and human experiences associated with citizenship, government, economy and business.