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Student Leaders for 2014

2014 School Captains
Congratulations to our Rangeville School Leaders for 2014 who were awarded their Badges of Office in front of family and friends on a special assembly on Tuesday. I’m delighted to announce that our leaders are:
School Captains Yr 7 Krisharna Barrs and Kyran Cook         
School Captains Yr 6 Taleah McGrane and Brendan White  
Music Captains  Yr 6  Sophie Kristensen and Joshua Crow   
 Yr 7     Emily Treadwell and Laurent Bechteler-Weichardt
Sports Captains
Arunta   Yr 6     Sherece Ewing and Jake Eiser             
Yr 7     Taylor Caldwell and Mitchell Beaver
Baccandi       Sophie Hill and JeremyKinney                                Hannah Fraser and James Hibbert
Cheppara        Anyela Naumann and Alex Munster                    Summer Peasley and Yol Mareng
Dangatti                       Lucy Silvonen-Annetts  and Rocco Wighton     Natasha Saal and Riley Spinks
Student Council          Krisharna Barrs;  Kyran Cook; Taleah McGrane; Brendan White; Lachlan Richards (6G);
Annabell Hockham (6MB); Alec McKay (6L); Katelyn Edwards (6W); Jarrod Watts (7B);
Evelyn Cooke (7HH); Bryce Callaghan (7S); Sophie Hill; Jake Eiser; Hannah Fraser; Riley
Spinks; Sophie Kristensen; Joshua Crow; Emily Treadwell; Laurent Bechteler-Weichardt